Henry Cavill as Superman is the greatest aspect of the DC Cinematic Universe. Period. His revival and reappearance at the end of Justice League is a true and virtuous version of the character. The Superman fans have been expecting for years. So it begs the question, when is that Superman returning to the big screen? At CinemaCon this weekend, Fandango asked that very question to Superman himself.

Henry Cavill was coy when answering the question. Which is to be expected from any actor/superhero. He revealed little more than the fact that there have been “talks” with certain “people”.

Cavill is one of the most self-aware celebrities out there. That downward look and sly smile after first being asked the question is a good sign. He looks like he knows something, and he says as much. He reveals there have been talks with certain people. Could that person be Matthew Vaughan, the director who’s been heavily attached to the project? Maybe. Or it could be recently announced DC Films President Walter Hamada? The person who will inevitably be the one to give the project a greenlight. Why not both?

Henry Cavill deserves a fantastic Superman film. Man of Steel had some truly memorable moments, but it was a divisive foundation on which to build this Universe. Turns out, fans didn’t really want Superman to be “edgy.”

He might be the oldest and first superhero, but there’s no one quite like Superman. Matthew Vaughan is the perfect director to help give fans a great superhero film. By using a mix of humor and wonder so well in films like Stardust and Kick-Ass, it’s easy to imagine the kind of magic he could make in the DC Universe.

Hopefully, he joins Henry Cavill on his journey to creating his next adventure as Superman.