Lucasfilm and Star Wars just released their latest Solo: A Star Wars Story promotion, a brand new Solo featurette. The featurette is loaded with new information about the upcoming film including how Chewbacca gets his nickname from Han Solo.

But maybe the biggest piece of information comes at the very beginning of the featurette. Director Ron Howard describes the Star Wars universe seen in Solo as “different from anything else that we’ve seen in any previous Star Wars movies. The Empire controls everything. Everyone is struggling to survive. But we discovered this incredibly free spirit.”

Diehard Star Wars fans will agree, we haven’t seen a Star Wars movie where the Empire controls everything. There has always been a rebellion in Rogue One and Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope that has controlled certain sectors of the galaxy. However, we have seen the Empire impose its control in the animated television show Star Wars Rebels. In the beginning of that show, the rebellion is fledgling and doesn’t control any territory. So, while it is different from any of the movies, this time period isn’t unfamiliar to Star Wars fans.

And what’s really interesting is the featurette seems to actually contradict what Howard is saying as there are huge action scenes showcasing what looks like an Imperial invasion of a planet. It appears there might be some places that can still escape the grasp of the Empire and as we know in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, the Hutt Cartel works with smugglers and bounty hunters to avoid the Empire’s clutches. These action scenes haven’t really been showcased in the trailers yet.

We see an Imperial walker landing and a look of sheer terror on a young Han Solo’s face as he looks up at it. In another clip which appears to be from that same battle scene, we see a body come flying towards the camera. We then see Solo look in shock as he stares across the battlefield. It definitely looks like we are going to see at least one military battle in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Along with this battle scene, there’s an interesting shot an alien water species which rises up out of this pool. It looks like a giant centipede and has an almost horror vibe to it; there’s even blue coloring which adds to the creepy factor.

The featurette also reveals why Han Solo gives Chewbacca a nickname. His name is a handful to say!

The more I’m seeing of this movie, the more I’m actually intrigued it. I like this weird, creepy alien creature that we know nothing about and this entire battle sequence really has my interest piqued.

Solo: A Star Wars Story comes to theaters on May 25, 2018.


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