Shazam! actor Zachary Levi came under attack for his “white privilege” and was accused of believing in the sexist practice of the friend zone. However, he defended himself and stood up to the onslaught of criticism against him.

The episode began when Levi retweeted another one of his fan’s who enjoyed one of his livestreams that talked about treating people on social media the way you would treat each other in person.

The fan posted a photo of his thoughts reflecting on Levi’s Instagram livestream.

The fan wrote:

“I’ve been thinking a lot about something Zac said in one of his Instagram lives lately, about the kind of people who pile onto tweets they don’t agree with etc. Zac was talking about something similar when he said that people wouldn’t behave the same way in person and it made me think…

Imagine a person saying something and then a group of people crowding them telling them why they are wrong or out of line. That terrifies me to think of so why would people think online is any different. It’s still a group of people mobbing a person.

I’ve never piled onto a conversation that didn’t involve me purely to tell someone they are wrong.”

Levi added his own thoughts:

That’s when one Twitter user decided to disagree with Levi.

Zachary Levi responded to that by saying, “You may feel very strongly about it, but feelings do not equal fact, no matter how intense.”

The Twitter user then claimed that Zachary Levi was cyber bullying them because he responded to her. They then post a bunch of articles that claim the friend zone is a sexist idea.

Levi made it very clear he disagreed with the articles presented as evidence.

And that’s when the so-called “fan” decided to try to silence Levi by saying men shouldn’t lead conversations about sexism and white men shouldn’t lead conversations about racism.

However, Levi wouldn’t be silenced. He would explain that what she tried to do was racism.

And that’s when all hell broke loose.

One person even threatened to cancel the upcoming Shazam! movie.

However, there were quite a few people who agreed with him as well.

Levi didn’t stop there in defending his position. He posted a much lengthier defense.

He wrote:

After logging on to Twitter tonight, and seeing the onslaught of hate directed at me, or at the very least misunderstanding, I wanted to take a moment to at least attempt to clarify my words from earlier. As a white man, my experiences in life certainly vary from that of a woman or a POC. I don’t assume to know all the ins and outs of anyone’s life, other than my own. But I do know that sexism is discrimination based on one’s gender, and racism is discrimination based on one’s race. I also know what it means to lead a meaningful conversation. To bring people together to discuss things that I don’t profess to be an authority on, but rather learn while hoping to maintain civility and accord between various parties in an attempt to find common ground and peace. So when I was told that I can’t lead a meaningful conversation about either sexism or racism because of my gender and the color of my skin, I believe that to be be both sexist and racist. It may not be systemic. It may not be the plight of others. But it is discrimination.

I’m not attempting to downplay the wrongs that are happening to women or people of color in this world. I’m not trying to silence anyone. In fact, I believe that my behavior and demeanor have shown quite the contrary. I try and use social media as a platform for peace, love, empathy, encouragement, inspiration, truth, acceptance, knowledge, and perhaps the greatest balm of all, humor. I have dedicated what platform and privilege I have been blessed with to try and break down barriers between all peoples. To help those that feel excluded, feel included. To help those that feel less than to know the beauty of their true worth. I strive to be someone that never buys into the nonsense of fame and celebrity, because I believe that no life is more or less valuable than any other. Period. I am not perfect. I fail often in my endeavors to do these things. In some of your minds, I have done just that tonight. I’m sorry if that’s your take away of my character, as that certainly isn’t my intention.

I wholeheartedly agree that one should never be silenced based on their gender, or skin color. I’m merely asking for that same right to be afforded to me. I may be white, and I may be a man, but I am first and foremost a human being, seeking truth with all my heart, and trying to make the world a little better than when I came into it, for everyone. Even those of you who hate me. I hope one day I might be able to change your mind, but in the meantime, know that I return your hate with love. I will continue to think and pray on the events of tonight, as this is a complex matter deserving of such attention. Peace be with you all. Truly. We need it now in this world more than ever.


What do you make of Levi’s stance? Is he in the right? Or is he completely wrong? Will his position affect whether or not you see Shazam!?