It’s the second week of our “Best Comic Books – You Rank Them.” If you haven’t voted on the best books from last week make sure you to do that.

As we did last and what we plan to do in the future, we’ve added 10 comics to the list, but you can add your own books which you think deserve to be on the list. From there you just up vote the books you think were good and down vote the books you think sucked.

This week was a light one as far as books from the Big 2. However, it did start the big plans for both DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Marvel launched its first Fresh Start Initiative book with Avengers #1 while DC Comics rolled out its DC Nation #0 book which introduces readers to their brand new Justice League event book No Justice. It also teases the upcoming storyline in Batman with the Batman and Catwoman wedding, and sees a Superman story from former Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis. DC also released their Action Comics Special #1 and continued their DC New Age of Heroes line with The Curse of Brimstone #2.

Marvel also rolled out Infinity Countdown #3 and their first tie-in book to the Hunt for Wolverine with Weapon Lost #1. We also got a brand new Star Wars book.

Valiant also got amped up for their big summer event with a Harbinger Wars 2 Prelude comic.

Image Comics rolled out a new series Death or Glory and there was also a brand new issue of Walking Dead.

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But enough from me. Let’s see what you all thought were the best comics of the week. Once again, you just up vote the books you thought were good and down vote the ones you think were big stinkers!

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