Director Shane Black and 20th Century Fox just released their first The Predator trailer, which you can see above.

Watching the trailer the first time, it didn’t do too much for me. It starts off a little slow as a young boy opens up a package with a whole bunch of Predator gear in it. He then activates a number of the pieces. The trailer then cuts to a spaceship firing up, before returning to the boy. The trailer does this for a bit as it shows the boy flying with his own toy spaceship as the real ship crashes on Earth.

The trailer then focuses on an interrogation scene as Boyd Holbrook’s Quinn McKenna is debriefed about an apparent mission on an alien planet. He’s asked whether he saw anything unusual. The trailer then shows a soldier creeping through what appears to be the aftermath of battle scene with fires all around him. It’s real short before Holbrook’s Mckenna responds, “Like an alien, you mean?”

We then get some creepy shots as a number of soldiers look out through windows and we hear what sounds like a monster roar as one of the soldiers quickly turns and appears to be dragged to the ground.

And then this is where the trailer really hooked me on the second viewing. Olivia Munn’s character, Casey Bracket, shows up. She says, “I think they are attempting hybridization.” We get clips of a lab with a Predator exoskeleton on display. We then see her looking a number of pieces of Predator equipment. It definitely makes me believe that the government is funding research into some kind of Predator hybrid. She then says, “They’re upgrading on every planet they visit.” Given that Holbrook’s McKenna just came back from a mission, it’s possible they are using The Predator and splicing it with other forms of alien life from other planets.

That’s when the Predator actually shows up as he appears to infiltrate a government facility, killing a security guard. From there the trailer kicks into high gear with a ton of action scenes that appear to be all mashed together from clips from the fight on the alien to planet to the Predator’s infiltration of the government facility.

I know I will definitely be checking this one out in theaters.

The Predator stars Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn, Jacob Tremblay, Sterling K. Brown, Lochlyn Munro, Thomas Jane, Jake Busey, and more. The film hits theaters on September 14, 2018.

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