Disney released a brand new 60 second sneak peek for Incredibles 2 called “Suit Up” as they announced tickets go on sale today. You can watch the sneak peek above.

The trailer begins with Elastigirl flying through the air on her motorcycle before it cuts to Violet asking Bob and Helen Parr, “What exactly is Mom’s new job?” The clip then cuts to Elastigirl rolling up in a limousine with paparazzi taking her picture. Bob Parr does answer her question, “She’s an advocate for superheroes.”

We then get a huge action shot of Elastigirl leaping off a poll onto a helicopter and smashing through the windows.

Cut back to Violet where she is still interrogating Bob Parr, “But I thought supers were still illegal.” Bob Parr avoids the rest of the conversation, but pointing out the bus has arrived to pick them up for school.

Then we get some hilarious parental humor. Helen Parr calls up Bob and asks how things are going at home. She wants to make sure things haven’t spiraled out of control. Bob plays it cool and says everything is fine. However, Jack-Jack has gone on a rampage through the house. He uses his laser eyes to try and hunt down a raccoon who has somehow snuck into the house. Needless to say Bob needs to call in some help in the form of Lucius Best because Jack-Jack is also teleporting all over the house.

About halfway through the clip is when we see what appears to be the primary villain of the movie. It’s hard to make out what he says, but it sounds like, “Supers are no longer in control, I am.” Then there’s a scene of what appear to be villains jumping through a portal into some kind of government building. It’s unclear what their powers are, but one of them looks like he has super strength as his character design features massive arms.

That’s when the Incredibles are called into action. Bob calls Lucius and tells him to “Suit up.” We get the hilarious reaction from Lucius’ wife who says, “You better be back ASAP.”

Dash and Violet begin driving what appears to be Bob’s old school super car from the first movie, but it’s possible it’s gotten some upgrades. We finally get to see the villains’ power in action as one of them uses electric attacks against Violet who blocks it with her force field.

There’s a ton of action as Lucius glides on his snow and Violet shows off her power as she fires two blasts of energy at a giant rock. As the scene comes to a close even Jack-Jack has his own super suit. Just as a bellhop is about to pick him up, he transforms into his demonic form and knocks the guy down. It’s pretty funny.

Incredibles 2 comes to theaters on June 15, 2018.