Scott Snyder’s run on Justice League is off to a good start in both DC Nation #0 and Justice League: No Justice #1. The Justice League is forced to work with Brainiac and a number of other DC Universe villains in order to stop the Omega Titans from consuming Brainiac’s home planet of Colu and their own planet, Earth.

It’s quite a change from the normal look and lineup of the Justice League. It also introduces new villains in the form of the Omega Titans. These aren’t the only new things that Snyder will be introducing in his run on Justice League. He describes the idea behind his Justice League run:

“The idea, really, is to show that these characters think they know their powers, think they know their mythologies, think they know even sometimes their histories and their missions. And then to sort of blow those things up.”

One of those changes will be the introduction of the “Still Force” to the Flash mythos. He explains to Den of Geek this new power will “have a lot of influence on both where [Barry] goes as a character and also his past.”

But what exactly is the Still Force? Well Snyder tells us:

“The Still Force is an energy in the universe that’s trying to slow everything down entropically, trying to stop everything, trying to bring everything to a standstill. And it has its own characters, it has its own figures that are connected to it who might not even know they are. And it’s a complete enigma to Barry at this point.”

It appears the Still Force will act similar to the Speed Force where certain characters are tied to it like Barry, Wally West, Hunter Zolomon, Eobard Thawne, and others. However, as we’ve recently seen in The Flash, non-speedsters like Gorilla Grodd were able to harness the Speed Force.

Speaking of Grodd, Snyder reveals he will play an important role with the Still Force, “One of Barry’s greatest villains, Gorilla Grodd, might have a leg up on him when it comes to figuring out how to control this thing.”

What do you think about the Still Force? Are you excited to see how it will work?