Logan star and Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman has seen Deadpool 2 and he took to Twitter give his own spoiler free review. While doing so he even gave some friendly ribbing to his friend and Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds has been actively campaigning to get Jackman to return to Wolverine. In fact, he even crashed his hotel room and interrupted Jackman as he was trying to wish somebody a happy birthday. Many thought, the video indicated Jackman might actually show up in Deadpool 2. However, Jackman resoundingly told TMZ and Good Morning America, his return to Wolverine was not going to happen.

And while Jackman said he wouldn’t be coming back to Wolverine that didn’t stop him from going to see Deadpool 2 and giving his own review.

Jackman says, “Ok. All right. I’m going to say this once and then delete it really quickly. Deadpool 2 is a work of genius. It is Epic. It is… Damn it. Can’t believe I said that.”

That’s high praise from the Wolverine actor and it might raise questions on whether or not he will actually have a cameo in the film.

Hugh Jackman has been pretty active in marketing the film. While Ryan Reynolds has definitely been doing the heavy lifting on the marketing forefront, Jackman has done his fair share. He might have even done more marketing stints for the movie than Josh Brolin who plays Cable!

What do you think? Will Jackman have a cameo in Deadpool 2? Or is he truly done with Wolverine?