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One thing DC gets right is costumes. From the first Man of Steel cape to The Flash’s tactical Armor, the suits have always looked solid. Perhaps not always accurate adaptations of the comics, but effective film props nonetheless. As many fans know, superhero suits tend to get upgrades with every film. So it makes sense that for James Wan‘s Aquaman film, Jason Momoa would be sporting a new suit.

A few designs have been floating around for some time. Now thanks to a supposed leak of a Lego set for the film, there’s a brand new look at the suit.

Here’s the post from a Leaked Lego account on Instagram.


Looks like Aquaman, alright. The gold doesn’t pop like it should, but that could be specific to this toy. More importantly, these are the colors fans have been expecting! The orange/gold and green that have been synonymous with Arthur Curry for years.

A Closer Look

The Lego possibly confirms that this costume, that was supposedly displayed at Warner Bros., is Aquaman’s new costume.

Aquaman "Leaked" Costume - Warner Bros.

Aquaman “Leaked” Costume – Warner Bros.

If this costume is anything close to what Jason Momoa will be wearing, it’s remarkable. This is one of the greatest interpretations of a superhero costume ever. Aquaman’s outfit has always been mocked. No where near as interesting or as iconic as any of his Justice League counterparts. Then the eyes fall on those scales, on the beautiful metallics that help to solidify this as a King’s suit of armor and on the three-pronged trident!

Anyone with any fear of Aquaman’s ridiculousness need only look at the awesomeness in this costume! If this is what Jason Momoa is going to look like in Aquaman, conventions are going to get fun. Imagine how many Cosplayers will be walking around with blinding chrome and metallic armor based on this design! It’s unclear if this design was by Michael Wilkinson, who happens to be one of the best in the business. But as his forte seems to be very literal and exact interpretations of the comics, all signs point to this being his work.

Momoa’s outfit in Justice League was much clunkier. It featured the kind of pauldrons and gauntlets one actually expects from a suit of armor. Oh, and a Trident with a hilarious amount of prongs. Now, it looks like Aquaman will be taking a step back into comic book past and will bring to life one of the most fantastic costumes ever seen in a superhero film.

Aquaman Justice League

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