It’s week four of our “Best Comic Books – You Rank Them.” If you haven’t voted in the past and want to make sure your favorite comics are ranked, make sure you do that!

Like the previous three weeks, we’ve added 10 comics to the list, but you can add your own books which you think deserve to be on the list. From there you just up vote the books you think were good and down vote the books you think sucked.

This week there was a bunch of new comics. We got a brand new Batman from Tom King and Tony Daniel that wrapped up their recent Booster Gold story. Jeff Lemire put out two books on our list including Bloodshot Salvation #9 and Gideon Falls #3. DC Comics continued to roll out their New Age of DC Heroes with the New Challengers #1 and Damage #5. Scott Snyder and company also continued their Justice League: No Justice series in preparation for the brand new Justice League series.

On the Marvel side we got a one-shot tie-in comic to the on-going Infinity Countdown series, Infinity Countdown: Daredevil #1, which gave us an update on the Mind Stone. We also got a brand new Punisher. Frank Castle is back stateside and he’s on the hunt for the worst of the worst of Marvel villains in New York City. We also got Thor one-shot, The Mighty Thor at the Gates of Valhalla #1, which setup a brand new Marvel event that will take place some time next year.

But enough about what actually came out. Let’s see what you all thought were the best comics of the week. Once again, you just up vote the books you thought were good and down vote the ones you think were big stinkers!

If you want to add a comic book to the list you can do so by clicking here.