Ethan Van Sciver Launches Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney Fundraiser!


Prolific DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver is dipping his toes back into creator owned work as he just recently launched an IndieGoGo for Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney.

Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney will be a 48-page graphic novel in a prestige format. Ethan Van Sciver describes it as a one-shot, but also indicates it will be part one of four. Van Sciver will write, pencil, and ink the book. He will be joined by colorist Kyle Ritter.

The story will see “gigantic, alien hornets that come to Earth and conquer it.” The attack will put Cyberfrog into deep hibernation. However, he will emerge in the year 2018 into “a completely alternate reality, a new world where these hornets have taken over.” The hornets’ vicious conquest of Earth sees them using human skin to make gigantic wasp hives. They even harvest human blood to make honey to feed their young. The harvest of humanity has left very few alive.

Cyberfrog must work to save humanity and defeats the alien hornets. And he won’t be alone. He’ll get help from his brother Salamandroid and his friend Heather Swain.

Van Sciver details what you can expect from the story in a YouTube video.

The IndieGoGo features a number of perks. The most basic option for $25 is a copy of Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney #1 signed by Ethan Van Sciver that will be mailed to your address. For $50 you can get a signed copy of Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney plus a signed black and white aschan called Cyberfrog 1998. Cyberfrog 1998 will be a prequel story to Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney. If you are unfamiliar with what an ashcan is, it’s basically a mini comic as Van Sciver aptly points out.

And he provided some more information as well describing it as half the size of a normal comic, which means it might be around 10 pages.

The $100 option includes the graphic novel, the ashcan, as well as a small headsketch of Cyberfrog. The fourth and final option will run you $1000 and includes the signed graphic novel, the signed ashcan, the small headksetch, and an original page of Cyberfrog art. This option is limited to only 48 backers.

The campaign hasn’t even been up for a full 24 hours, but has already raised $74,618 from 1323 backers. The goal for the campaign was to raise $8,000. The IndieGoGo will be open for at least another month.

In fact, Van Sciver reported the campaign was fully funded in the first 20 minutes after launching.

If you do miss out on the IndieGoGo, Van Sciver has indicated he’s interested in getting the graphic novel onto bookshelves and into retailers’ hands.

Ethan Van Sciver will also be launching T-shirts to accompany the graphic novel sometime today.

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