Two suspected gunmen were detained by police outside Stan Lee’s Hollywood Hills, California home after a 911 call was made at 7:30 pm on Thursday night.

The Daily Mail reports officers arrived minutes later and detained two men. They also report that one of the men had confronted Stan Lee and demanded money from the iconic Marvel artist and writer. The men claimed Stan Lee owed them money and were demanding he pay them back. It appears at least one of the men had been on Lee’s property on Wednesday.

A Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) spokeswoman said: “Officers were called to a property on the 9100 block of Oriole Way at 7.30pm after reports of an assault. It was claimed that a suspect had a gun and was threatening. Officers detained two individuals that matched the description and an investigation is ongoing. Three units are still on scene including officers and detectives.”

A source for The Daily Mail who allegedly witnessed the confrontation described it:

“There was two guys standing outside demanding money, they were shouting. There was a confrontation with Stan in front of his house, but Stan doesn’t know either of them. One guy was saying ‘I want my money.’ But when everyone realized the men had guns everyone retreated inside. Stan’s lawyer, business partner and a nurse were with him at the house. At some point the men took out their guns and were pointing them around so the police were called.”

The source went on to mention that at least 20 police officers showed up on the scene. The source also noted that a number of police helicopters were deployed.

The source continued to describe the confrontation:

“It was crazy, the cops had their guns drawn and there were spotlights from two police helicopters, it was very scary and pretty intense. The cops said, ‘Put your hands up’, so the guys got on their knees and on the floor, they were handcuffed and they were put in the car.”

The two men had allegedly already tossed their guns, but police officers were able to retrieve them.

The Daily Mail reports, “It’s not clear whether any arrests have been made following the incident and its cause is still being investigated.”

This is the latest incident to involve Stan Lee. Stan recently got his Twitter account back in May, but still claimed someone else was using his Facebook account.

He also indicated someone had taken his Instagram account with his Facebook account and that whoever was running those accounts was impersonating him.

The Marvel star is also suing his former company POW! Entertainment for $1 billion for fraud.

The comic book legend also struggled with a bout of pneumonia in February and had been accused of sexual misconduct. After the sexual misconduct allegations, Stan Lee fired his longtime road manager, Max Anderson and one of his nurses, Linda Sanchez, after a confrontation involving Lee’s daughter, JC.

Let’s hope Stan Lee gets everything sorted out. He seemed to be getting back on track when he took back control of his Twitter account. I hope the LAPD sort everything out and Stan Lee can enjoy his life in peace.

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