Any details or information related to the Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman movie has been few and far between. Not even confirmation of Ben Affleck dawning the cowl again has become official. So fans are left to do what we do best, dream up scenarios and possibilities. And that’s what happened thanks to Bosslogic.

Jon Hamm has been on the fan wish list for years. Personally, I want him to become Batman, but Bosslogic has other ideas.

In an Instagram post yesterday he posted a mockup of what Jon Hamm could look like as Tommy Elliott. Tommy was Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend who later turned to a vengeance-driven villain by the name of Hush.

Take a look below!

Hush is a lesser known, but well-loved Batman villain. He made his debut in a storyline that shared his name in 2003’s Batman #609 by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee. In the story, Tommy blames Thomas Wayne for saving his mother. He attempted to murder both his parents by cutting their car’s brake line. His father dies, but Thomas Wayne performs surgery and saves his mother. He would hold a grudge against the Wayne family for years and began plotting his revenge against them.

Hush would display his strategic acumen as he not only manipulated a number of Batman’s villains, but also his allies in an attempt to bring down Bruce Wayne and the Batman.

If DC Films does find a way to incorporate Hush into their cinematic universe moving forward, Jon Hamm would be a perfect fit. It would be the actor’s first live-action performance in a superhero film. However, he has been voicing the unnamed narrator in FX’s Legion. There is also a rumor that Jon Hamm was expected to appear in Fox’s upcoming The New Mutants as Mr. Sinister in a post-credit scene.

What do you think, would you like to see Jon Hamm take on Hush? It sounds like a fun story line that could really make a good movie. Or, should the Batman movie use a more traditional villain like The Penguin or Ridder? Tell me in the comments below!