It’s been a great weekend for those of us who revel in rumors especially if you are interested in DC’s upcoming Harley Quinn centric Birds of Prey film. Over the weekend, rumors began swirling that DC was interested in bringing Huntress into the film and now a new rumor indicates Black Canary may also be joining the film.

The latest rumor courtesy of Omega Underground has Black Canary joining the all-female lead production. The Omega Underground notes, “we’ve also heard [Black Canary] is part of the film.”

No more details about Black Canary’s role were given. Rumors had been swirling that Lea Seydoux was rumored to become Black Canary or Catwoman. However, The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez debunked the rumor about Seydoux being Canary and Catwoman. He even indicated that Catwoman would not appear in the film at all.

While Gonzalez was already debunking casting rumors and characters. It’s all quite possible things could change very quickly. We know multiple scripts have been submitted for the film so it’s quite possible there could be a range of characters available for the film. That would make sense given the Birds of Prey team has had a number of team members throughout the years.

The team has included Batgirl, Big Barda, Black Alice, Black Canary, Batwoman, Condor, Creote, Dawn Granger as Dove, Gypsy, Hank Hall as Hawk, Hawkgirl, Huntress, Infinity, Jason Bard, Katana, Katarina Armstrong as Spy Smasher, Kate Spencer as Manhunter, Lady Blackhawk, Lady Shiva, Misfit, Onyx, Gus Yale as Oracle, Poison Ivy, Savant, Sonia Sato, Starling, Stephanie Brown as Spoiler, Strix, Thorn, Vixen, and Wildcat.

Production for the film is expected to begin sometime in January 2019 with an expected release date in 2020.

Along with the rumors Black Canary and Huntress, we’ve also seen rumors of Megan Fox to become Poison Ivy as well as fan casts of Morena Baccarin to become Catwoman.

What would your roster look like if you could choose would be in the Birds of Prey movie? Give me your list in the comments below!