There’s the Hood!

Before you know it, DC’s streaming service DC Universe will be upon us. Amassing the publisher’s vast library of content next to some brand new shows. One of those happens to be DC’s Titans. A show about the famous teen dream team featuring Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven and Aqualad. Fans are skeptical, but Geoff Johns has actual writing credits on the series. That alone should get people excited. Now, even more details about the highly anticipated series are being revealed. Curran Walters will be playing none other than famous ruffian Jason Todd, and here’s the first look!

Now, let’s calm ourselves down. Don’t start rampaging just because he isn’t sporting a leather jacket, smooth Red Hood helmet, or two glocks. This is Jason Todd not Red Hood. As an unsurprisingly witty nod to the character’s future he’s sporting a lovely hoody. Clearly, the Titans show is going to reveal the origin of Jason Todd. He likely won’t be an addition to the team, but a probable cameo in one or two episodes.

Now, before some fans start getting up-in-arms about the lack of production value…

Let’s Talk

Everyone wants a great live-action version of the Teen Titans. No one more than the folks over at DC. They want to entertain, not upset you. They’re not trying to destroy your childhood, they’re trying to make contributions to other childhoods. That’s why it’s time to give the Titans series a chance. No one was encouraged by the first looks at Starfire, Beast Boy or Raven. But how quickly did fans forget the exciting look at the Brenton Thwaites Robin suit? Has anyone stopped and thought about the fact that when DC has a real and authentic look at the team, they’ll show us.

It’s great that fans around the world get to share these small bits of information with each other. But it shouldn’t keep us from giving the project a chance. Because everyone knows what it means to have a picture taken from the wrong angle…

Jason Todd doesn’t need to be a vigilante badass, yet. This series is undoubtedly an origin story, expect a few of these costumes and outfits to evolve as the series continues. Chances are the Swamp Thing show won’t be judged by the first look at Alec Holland. Let’s not dismiss this Jason Todd too quickly. He does have a Hood, after all.

What do you think of Curran Walters as Jason Todd?