While Shazam!, Wonder Woman 2and Aquaman are at the forefront of DC’s marketing, a few other projects are in the works. Possibly the most exciting of which is the Deathstroke film. Revealed in Justice League, Slade Wilson has the potential to take the superhero movie genre to a whole new level of violent. Easily helped by The Raid director Gareth Evans, who’s attached to the project. He and Joe Manganiello have already spoken about the part. Hopefully, getting a story together so they can get the film off the ground. Until then, it wouldn’t hurt to get a nice tease of the costume or the performance. The kind of snippet to get fans excited about a film starring a mercenary, murdering anti-hero. Well…

A new photo has emerged of Joe Manganiello with his Deathstroke film. Somehow, the picture makes the helmet look ten times better than it looked on the big screen. Twitter account Let’s Talk Slade recently posted this picture.

Okay, hold on a second. That mask looks insane! That’s not the same mask that Slade was sporting on the big screen, is it? There wasn’t really a close-up of the mask, only a wide shot of Slade and a close-up of his face. But let’s see.

A Closer Look

Joe Manganiello as "Deathstroke" in Justice League - Warner Bros.

Joe Manganiello as “Deathstroke” in Justice League – Warner Bros.

That’s the same mask, alright. Why does it look so much better in a glorified selfie than it does in Justice League? Well, the Twitter photo actually shows off the impressive design. Justice League’s Costume Designer and mastermind of the entire DCEU’s fashion sense was none other than Michael Wilkinson, one of the best around.

Obviously, if Evans and Manganiello get to make the film the mask will get more screen time. Slade Wilson wasn’t really in Justice League, merely making an appearance in the post-credits sequence. Yet fans weren’t really able to get a good look at his armor. Snyder made sure to give us all a good look at that eye-patch. Interesting, right? Not exactly. The helmet looks like it has history. It looks dirty, grizzled, and scarred. The kind of armor that’s protected the mercenary against foes like Batman for a long, long time.

If the dreams of countless DC fans come to life and the Deathstroke film gets made, let’s hope the mask and Joe Manganiello remain on the project. They’re both perfect.

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