Comic book artist Tom Feister, who has worked for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Lucasfilm, Cartoon Network, and more has recently wished death upon President Donald Trump.

He specifically hopes that President Trump will soon “be in jail, or dead of something painful.”

Feister’s claim to fame is his Wildstorm series Ex Machina, where he won an Eisner in 2005 for Best New Series. Fesiter was the inker on the book. He’s worked on DC Comics books Green Lantern/Sinestro Corp Secret Files #1, New Line Cinema’s House of Horror #1, and The Legion: Foundations.

Feister has done much more work for Marvel Comics where he worked on Iron Man back in 2004 with writer Mark Ricketts. He also worked with Mark Waid on Fantastic Four in 2004. He also did a couple of covers for Exiles back in 2003.

Feister also collaborated with Larry Hama and Mike Hawthorne for IDW’s 2009 ongoing G.I. JOE series.

This isn’t the only time Feister has attacked President Trump. At the end of May, Feister referred to the President as “walking herpes.”

Feister is definitely entitled to his opinion about President Trump, plenty of people dislike how the President is currently handling his position. However, Feister’s wish of death upon the President is absolutely uncalled for. It’s sick and disgusting.

And many fans and consumers called him out for it.

A number of people suggested the Secret Service and FBI investigate Feister for his death wish against the President.

What do you make of Tom Feister’s tweets? Do you think the Secret Service or FBI should get involved?

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