Since the release of the first and second trailers for the upcoming Venom movie dropped, there really isn’t much excitement related to the movie.

Director Ruben Fleischer is trying to address the lack of excitement. He recently spoke with Empire Magazine to discuss the upcoming film. He even teased the possibility of a surprise cameo.

He discussed Venom’s place within the Marvel Universe and why he enjoys the characters so much.

“Venom is unique within the canon of Marvel. You can’t say there are a lot of other heroes like him. There’s something about the tone of Venom that’s darker and more menacing. He’s not a conventional superhero by any stretch.”

He’s right in that respect. Most other characters even villains in the Marvel Universe tend to have a lighter tone to them when compared to other major publishers like DC Comics. It’s a risk to adapt Venom because the character has a darker tone and aside from the recent Christopher Nolan Batman films, the darker tone hasn’t translated into overwhelming box office success. It doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for it.

Fleischer would go on to discuss what dark inspirations he used for the film:

“Among my influences were John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, even An American Werewolf In London. Unlike most superheroes who get bitten by a spider or invent their own Batsuit, Venom is really the combination of two beings to create a third.”

This is pretty funny to me since Venom will be releasing right around the time Carpenter’s own IP Halloween returns to theaters.

Flesicher would go on to discuss Tom Hardy’s acting talent and what he brings to the character of Venom. It also addresses one of the big questions I had about the movie: How will Tom Hardy’s performance stack up especially in the unique role of Eddie Brock and Venom.

“Tom’s just so incredibly entertaining to watch. Duality is clearly something that fascinates him, so when you watch the way he’s acting opposite himself, it’s really impressive; just how he’s able to conjure an entirely separate version of himself as the symbiote. It’s a tour de force performance.”

That duality must be a challenge for any actor.

Finally, Ruben Flesicher discussed the much rumored Tom Holland Spider-Man cameo. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look very good for Holland’s Peter Parker to cameo.

“This feels very much like Venom’s movie. It’s the introduction of the character. As to where it will go in future movies, and who he’ll run across, I can’t say.”

This is sure to disappoint many fans of Spider-Man and Venom especially those who love the comics. Venom’s appearance and powers come directly from the symbiote’s time with Spider-Man. It will be very interesting to see how the film handles Venom’s Spider-Man like powers without actually alluding to or even featuring a cameo from Spider-Man.

And there you have it. I interpret that statement as a no, though it wouldn’t be the first time a false flag was sent out to surprise fans. But at least there is a glimmer of hope for something in the future.

Are you excited about the upcoming Venom movie? Why and why not? And will the lack of Peter Parker be a detriment to the movie?

Venom makes its debut on October 5th, 2018.

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