Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot seem to have officially revealed the Wonder Woman sequel will be called Wonder Woman 1984. Not only did they reveal the title of the film, but Patty Jenkins also dropped a huge spoiler revealing that Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor will be returning for the sequel.

And there’s probably a good reason for that as one fan captured quite a few of set videos of Gal Gadot and Chris Pine with each other.

The clips seem to debunk early theories that Pine’s Trevor would only be appearing as an apparition or in a flashback. He definitely looks like he will be walking and talking with Gal Gadot. He even has a fanny pack!

This next video is what really stands out to me. If you look closely you will notice a guy sitting on a bench looking at Diana Prince and Steve Trevor. It appears he’s trying to be inconspicuous by reading a newspaper, but he just screams spy to me. It definitely hints at the film having a spy-thriller to it.

And this last video is just some fun. Even while Chris Pine has been trying to get the fan to ditch her phone, he’s able to have some fun with her and it looks like he made her day!

It definitely looks like the cast is having fun on set! Expect more set photos and videos to leak out as filming continues in and around the Washginton, D.C. area.