The Aquaman reveals continue today with our first photo of Atlanteans riding sharks. But not only are they riding sharks, there are also soldiers riding what appear to be giant seahorses!

This first look comes after our first looks at Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s Black Manta, Patrick Wilson and Willem Dafoe’s Ocean Master and Vulko, and Amber Heard and Nicole Kidman’s Mera and Queen Atlanna.

Aquaman Sharks

Along with this new photo of the Atlanteans riding sharks and seahorses we get a description of what exactly is happening in the photo.

Entertainment Weekly reveals the location of the photo is “an ancient meeting place called The Council of the Kings that’s fallen into ruin.” Interestingly, the location is not in Atlantis, but on the outskirts of the underwater city.

Each of the seven statues you see in the photo represent the Seven Kingdoms of Atlantis that formed when the city sank into the ocean. Each statue is one of the original kings from those Seven Kingdoms.

On the right side of the photo you can clearly see the sharks. These are being ridden by Atlanteans. Opposite the Atlanteans are the forces of King Nereus of the kingdom of Xebel. His troops ride giant seahorses or sea dragons as they are described.

In the middle of the photo, you can see Patrick Wilson’s Ocean Master astride his dinosaur-like steed. It’s called a tylosaur. And just beside him sits Willem Dafoe’s Vulko astride his own giant black hammerhead shark.

Along with the photo from the actual film, Entertainment Weekly also revealed a piece of concept art from the scene which allows you to see the details of the scene a little more clearly.

It definitely looks like war is about to break out between the Atlanteans and the kingdom of Xebel. Or it’s possible they could be brokering some king of peace after a drawn out war.

Regardless, I’m hoping we get to see some fantastic underwater fight scenes between the sea dragons and the sharks!

Aquaman hits theaters on December 21, 2018