Ethan Van Sciver’s Attacker Admits Truth: It’s Because of President Trump!

Tim Doyle

Tim Doyle has been on a quest to defame Ethan Van Sciver at every turn. Doyle has labeled Van Sciver everything from a homophic bigot to a Nazi. Van Sciver has denied these labels every time Doyle brings them up.

However, that hasn’t stopped Doyle from continuing his campaign. After Ethan Van Sciver announced he was no longer working at DC Comics, Doyle revealed his real reason for going after him.

When one Twitter asked for evidence of Van Sciver being a bigot, Doyle replied, “Exhibit A through Z is Ethan being a Trump voter.”

You read that right. Doyle’s primary reasoning for attacking and defaming Ethan Van Sciver was because he was a Trump voter. He even believes that Van Sciver is a bigot because he voted for Donald Trump for President.

But Doyle wouldn’t stop there. He doubled down on his attacks labeling Ethan an “alt-right a**hole.”

Van Sciver wasn’t having any of it and quickly exposed Doyle’s entire campaign to his followers.

He also doubled down on his support for the President of the United States saying “I did vote for the president. Still glad I did.”

While Doyle attempted to defame and antagonize Ethan Van Sciver at almost every turn over the past two years, Van Sciver has only come out stronger. Doyle’s tactics have massively backfired and Ethan Van Sciver is setting out on his own to create a brand new graphic novel about one of his oldest properties, Cyberfrog.

Van Sciver has been running an IndieGoGo campaign for his upcoming graphic novel, Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney, which has earned nearly $210,000 as of this printing.

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