J.J. Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy, and the folks over at Lucasfilm are about to put together the final film in the latest Star Wars trilogy. It will bring the stories of Rey, Kylo Ren, Finn, BB-8 and others to a theoretical close. Unfortunately, the losses have already been great. As Han and Luke each had their final performances, Star Wars: Episode IX was meant to be Leia’s. That story won’t come to pass. So to bring more authenticity and importance to the film, Abrams might be looking for some old Star Wars to add with the new.

FanthaTracks has had quite a few scoops on Star Wars stories. The Kenobi film, the Black Diamond working title, they’ve had a good track record. The site now has two confirmed sources that state that Lando Calrissian, played by Billy Dee Williams, is returning for Star Wars: Episode IX!

Lando hasn’t been mentioned in the most recent trilogy, but he is one of the few surviving members of the original story. There needs to be continuity; there needs to be connections. Fans are going to want to recognize a face or two in the trailer. Williams’ presence in the film could be minor, but it would be quite significant for Star Wars fans. But how could it happen?

Gambling on a Rebellion

Billy Dee Williams as "Lando Calrissian" - Lucasfilm

The literal reason for having Billy Dee Williams return as Lando is to create more connections between the Original Trilogy and Star Wars: Episode IX. So what’s the narrative reason? At the end of Star Wars: The Last Jedi the “resistance/republic/rebellion” is just a large crowd on the Millennium Falcon. They don’t have military officers, funding, ships, weaponry… Basically anything other than the clothes on their backs. It’s true Lando hasn’t been mentioned in the new story so far, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t around.

Leia’s desperate call for help on Crait was sent out to distant and supposedly sympathetic ears. They all chose to remain silent. Believe it or not, Lando was probably one of those people. One of many who had the means to do something, but decided against joining a losing fight. Whether or not Lando was ever really going to return to the story is unknown, but the seeds were planted for this. Star Wars: The Last Jedi sends out a beacon to forces that don’t answer, but it certainly sets them up to help for the final battles in Star Wars: Episode IX. Leia will likely pass before the events of Star Wars: Episode IX take place. Chances are her death is more than enough to bring Lando and others out of hiding to support the new Rebellion.

Let’s not forget the possibility of Mara Jade joining the Star Wars: Episode IX cast. It looks like Star Wars: Episode IX is gathering as many fan-favorite characters as possible.

Are there any forgotten Star Wars characters that should join the J.J. Abrams’ blockbuster? Let us know!

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