**Warning Spoilers for Justice League #2**

Justice League #2 by writer Scott Snyder and artist Jorge Jimenez introduces us to a brand new piece of the Emotional Spectrum with the Ultraviolet Corps tapping into the Invisible Emotional Spectrum. Not only are we introduced to the Ultraviolet Corps, but we discover who their leader is and what their oath is.

The new oath as recited by the Corps’ new leader is as follows:

By Shield of Day, and Shield of Night…

We feed and grow, beyond all Sight…

Your Darkest self shall be our Knight,

Wield the Sword of Unseen Light!

Justice League #2

And just who exactly is the leader of Ultraviolet Corps? Former Green Lantern, architect, and Marine John Stewart.

Justice League #2

And just what type of emotion does the Ultraviolet Corps feed off of? Well it appears to feed off of hate if the small narrative box at the bottom of the page is any indication. It reads, “They could feel it coming off him, a blazing energy…Hatred. Of them? Of himself?”

Now, you are probably wondering just how John Stewart became the head of the Ultraviolet Corps. It’s pretty simple, but also complex at the same time.

The simple explanation is that Sinestro turns John Stewart into the head of the Ultraviolet Corps. But how he does it is another question unto itself.

Justice League #2

Snyder and Jimenez don’t really give us any details. The art just shows Stewart being enveloped in a purple light and the next time we see him he’s the head of the Ultraviolet Corps.

What we do know is that Sinestro somehow unlocked the Invisible Emotional Spectrum which resided on the other side of the Cosmic Membrane. Sinesto explains that “the bandwidth where all our hidden feelings lie…the darkest emotions…hate..bloodlust…” are on the other side of the Cosmic Membrane. He obviously was able to tap into it and it appears to be an extremely potent emotion as it easily overcomes Stewart’s will and Green Lantern abilities.

Justice League #2 is another fun romp into the cosmic side of DC Comics. There’s plenty more happening other than the Invisible Emotional Spectrum. Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom are up to something as the Justice League attempt to figure out what the Totality is. If anything is lacking it’s an explanation of what the Cosmic Membrane is and what’s its purpose is. I feel like a guidebook or some kind of reference sheet would be extremely useful.