Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn let loose on Twitter the past few days attacking President Donald Trump and his millions of supporters.

After debate around the current immigration policy of the United States began, Gunn decided to lambast the President calling him an “orange piece of shit.”

Gunn also referred to Trump and his supporters as “white nationalist[s].”

He wouldn’t stop there. His insults ramped up when he referred to Trump as a “child-abusing wad of orange, infected plegm come to life.”

And it wasn’t just Donald Trump that would be the target of his ire. When one user asked how many illegals Gunn would house in his own home, he decided to call them a “piece of garbage.”

He then pondered the idea of his employer suing President Trump over what he considers Trump’s likeness to Star Wars villain Jabba the Hutt.

Gunn isn’t the first one to go off the deep end in his attacks against President Trump and his supporters. Vertigo Comics writer Rob Sheridan went on a vicious attack against the President and his supporters.

Regardless of where you stand on the immigration debate or politics, it doesn’t look very good when you descend into this type of rhetoric against your political opponents. It makes you look wild and crazy. And I bet it doesn’t really convince anyone of your ideas. In fact, I would wager it drives people away from your ideas. They are probably more likely to look at the other side to see if they have a more reasonable platform or at least supporters who operate with some decency and civility.