DC Comics took it upon themselves to use their most iconic superhero, Superman, to promote standing up for refugees. By doing so they inserted the character and DC Comics as a whole into the current heated political debate surrounding immigration and refugees into the United States.

The Tweets might seem innocent at first glance, but any sense of understanding about the current immigration debate in the United States reveals this is a major political move by AT&T, Warner Bros., and DC Comics to support Democrat politicians who are calling for loosening immigration law. Not only do they want to loosen current immigration law, but they want to allow people who claim to be refugees and have crossed into the United States illegally to be granted asylum. DC Comics is effectively advocating for criminals and using Superman to do it.

A number of fans were not happy with DC Comics and their choice to take a political side in the current immigration debate.

One user even parodied the DC Comics tweet using Thanos.

There were a number of people who did agree with DC Comics as well.

Do you think DC Comics should be using Superman to score political points? Do you like that AT&T, Warner Bros., and DC Comics are choosing a side in the current political debate in the United States? Will you continue to support DC Comics?

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