Print shop owner and serial harasser of Ethan Van Sciver and Diversity & Comics, Tim Doyle is escalating his own rhetoric much like CBR writer Kieran Shiach. In his latest screeds on Twitter, Doyle is calling for violence against Trump supporters in the wake of the current media outrage regarding the United States’ immigration policies.

Doyle called for people to stand on their necks and never let them get up.

When challenged on his radical rhetoric he would double down.

Then he issued a call for violence saying, “Time to fight.”

And if it wasn’t clear who he was referring to. He would call anyone who supports President Trump “a racist bigot” and that they “support white supremacy.”

He even claims that being civil to the uncivil is “a tool of white supremacy.”

He also believes the country is in asymmetrical warfare.

Tim Doyle is an example of people who preach tolerance, but don’t believe in it at all. He wants to not only run people out of the comic book industry for disagreeing with his own political beliefs, but now he’s advocating for violence against millions of people who disagree with him. It’s sickening.

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