Sony Pictures and Valiant Entertainment are looking to adapt their plus-sized hero Faith into a feature film.

Deadline reports Sony Pictures has brought in American Gods writer Maria Melnik to write the script for the film.

Faith Herbert a.k.a Zephyr is a psiot in the Valiant Comics universe. Psiots are like Marvel’s X-Men except the majority of them require an extremely powerful psiot in Peter Stanchek to awaken their gifts or face Toyo Harada’s machine which has a high fatality rate. In the case of Faith Herbert, she attains the ability to fly when Peter Stanchek awakens her.

In the current Valiant comic continuity, Faith is introduced in Harbinger #4 as an excitable young woman who just wants to have superpowers. 

Stanchek attempts to awaken Faith’s abilities and it seems to be going well, until it doesn’t. Blood begins poring out of Faith’s nose and she ends up collapsing.

However, she actually survived the encounter and ends up rescuing Peter when he tries to take on the entire Harada organization by himself.

Faith and Peter would go on to team up together and form their own superhero team, The Harbinger Renegades. After the team separated, Faith would relocate to California and take up superhero duties by herself while working undercover as a reporter. Despite a number of tragic occurrences and the deaths of a number of her teammates, Faith maintains an extremely optimistic view on life and the world. She also is steeped in current comic culture as she routinely attends comic conventions and works on her cosplay outfits.

Faith would be part of Sony Pictures’ deal with Valiant Entertainment to produce a Valiant Film Universe. The first film to kick off this universe will be Bloodshoot directed by Dave Wilson and starring Vin Diesel, Eiza Gonzalez, Sam Hueghan, and Toby Kebbell.

Valiant and Sony are also looking at adapting a Harbinger ensemble film that will most likely feature Faith, Peter Stanchek, and Toyo Harada as the villain.