DreamWorks Animation and Amazon Studios writer Taylor Cox called for “white extinction” in a recent Tweet.

She would write “the only anxiety i have about white extinction is that it’s not happening faster.”

Swedish journalist Peter Imanuelsen captured the tweet and questioned Cartoon Network about why Cox had not been fired after the blatantly racist Tweet.

Cox’s now locked-down Twitter profile indicated she was a writer for NBC, Amazon Studios, Cartoon Network, and DreamWorks Television, and the website Reductress.

Her IMDB profile indicates she was a writer and story editor for Amazon Studios’ Just Add Magic television series. She also worked on The Kicks for Amazon.

Her previous work includes a number of DreamWorks television projects including King Julien Stand Up, Swamp Talk with Shrek & Donkey, the Kung Fu Panda television series, Sass Class, and OMG.

She also co-directed and starred in Saturday.

Cartoon Network has not issued a reply to Peter Imanuelsen.

Do you think Cox should be fired for her vile and blatantly racist statement?