Former DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver, who most recently worked on Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps and is known for his work on Green Lantern for the better part of the decade, has had enough with Social Justice Warriors (SJWs).

He took to Twitter and described them as a “disease that spreads and infects, and destroys prosperity.” He even stated, “There isn’t room for their hateful and counterproductive ideology in entertainment.”

We followed up with Ethan to get some clarification on his stance against SJWs. We asked him if SJWs should be fired from publishing companies like DC Comics and Marvel Comics along with movie production and TV studios. In typical Van Sciver fashion he had a sarcastic response:

“It entirely depends on the purpose of these ventures. Are they Social Engineering projects aimed at pushing Extremist Left Wing propaganda at unsuspecting and paying audiences, regardless of the bottom line?

Then keep all of these SJWs, and hell, hire more!

Is this comic book publisher trying to make entertainment with mass appeal in order to turn a huge profit? Are these movies and TV shows attempting to win ratings and gather a large viewership? Make a lot of money at the Box Office?

Then fire them all, from a massive trebuchet, into the sun. SJWs aren’t here to help you make a profit. They aren’t here to make fun diversionary, escapist entertainment that makes audiences happy and turns a profit.”

And if you didn’t get the sarcasm like I did at first, Van Sciver made it perfectly clear when we asked him whether he thinks Marvel and DC should continue to hire SJWs because he might be able to wallop them on the free market with the success of Cyberfrog, which has currently raised $423,300.

“Thanks for pointing out that CYBERFROG:BLOODHONEY has been a record breaking success.  It’s the highest grossing crowdfunded comic book in history!

But no, I’m under no delusion that I’m in a position to “wallop” the Big Two.  I’m just a humble ink, Frog and t-shirt merchant with a talk radio show on YouTube.  My recommendations, that all SJWs are fired, isn’t self interested.  It’s about the long term health of the comics, films, games and television shows that I love.  They won’t last long if they continue this way.”

When asked how one identifies a SJW, Van Sciver pointed to the language they use:

“They tend to make themselves known to you.  Especially if you aren’t one of them.

Their Social Media should provide a nice trail.  Look for a lot of buzzwords like “Toxic Masculinity”, “Appropriation”, “Mansplaining”, “Problematic” and “Punch Nazis”.  They write long “threads” of continuous tweets condemning societal problems they perceive around them, with an exasperated tone, and take a lot of pictures with their cats.

These people struggle with an internal chaos that might not be worth a company’s time to alleviate on a daily basis.  Everything they do, every word they say is meant to elevate their own self esteem above that of someone else, which is the sources of endless conflict in the workplace. And if you aren’t an SJW, you’ll quickly find them insufferable.”

As to who exactly should be fired for being SJWs, Ethan wants them all gone and specifically talked about Lucasfilm.

“Yes, all of them.  Look at Lucasfilm. They’ve hired a gaggle of SJWs who have successfully run a multibillion dollar franchise into the side of a mountain.  STAR WARS.  They’ve made it unsellable to a hugely loyal audience. How? They’re SJWs. If you hire them, prepare to hemorrhage money for the sake of their Social Justice aspirations.”

But Van Sciver did make it very clear, he’s open to working with people who have differing political opinions and even people who might have a completely opposite political opinion on a topic.

“Yes, of course.  I’d love to work with a good, compassionate and honest liberal.  Or a leftist.  They exist, and I have a handful of friends who are exactly that.  We have worked together quite successfully.  We disagree, and there isn’t that static, that noise, that comes with dealing with these SJWs.  Disagree with one, or let him find you disagreeable, and you’ll be the victim of an underhanded plot for revenge that will never end.  Their kind of toxicity isn’t manageable.  It is only fireable.

Again, from a trebuchet. Into the sun.  Or ocean.  Just far away from any business that needs to maintain a fanbase to turn a profit.”

Do you agree with Ethan Van Sciver that SJWs should be fired from major entertainment companies?

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