DC Comics superstar creator Scott Snyder, who is currently penning Justice League and just finished up with Dark Knights: Metal and Justice League: No Justice will be going back to his creator owned series Wytches this Halloween.

Snyder made the announcement via Twitter.

Snyder followed that up stating he plans on putting together a video where he will talk about Wytches: The Bad Egg as well as his plans for Wytches 2.

The first Wytches series debuted in June 2015 and ran for six issues. A subsequent story called Wytches: The Bad Egg was released in Image Comics’ Image+ magazine and was a 12 part story. In both of these stories, Snyder collaborated with artist Jock. Wytches is a horror series that sees a family move to the remote town of Litchfield, New Hampshire where they hope to start over after a horrific trauma. However, there’s something ancient and evil lurking in the woods just beyond town and it has its eyes set on the Rooks family.

We reached out to Scott Snyder to get some details on the announcement. Snyder and Jock will be collecting the Wytches: The Bad Egg story which appeared in Image’s Image+ magazine into a trade version. The complete story is about 64 pages long. The trade is expected to debut sometime around Halloween.

There will also be a second volume of Wytches. You will even be able to get a preview of this new series in the trade for Wytches: The Bad Egg. There is no release date, but Snyder did confirm he and Jock have already begun working on it. If you are into horror comics this is a series you won’t want to miss.