**Warning Spoilers for Justice League #3**

DC Comics, writer Scott Snyder, and artist Jorge Jimenez, and colorist Alejandro Sanchez put together another excellent issue in Justice League #3. The DC Universe continues to expand with new powers at play, but the biggest reveal in this issue is the introduction of a brand new, seemingly all-powerful villain!

This new villain is directly connected to the introduction of the new Emotional Spectrum, the Invisible Spectrum.

John Stewart explains:

“This spectrum, it’s heart is a living phantom galaxy powered by a sentient black sun…called Umbrax.”

And Umbrax wields terrible power with the Invisible Spectrum. Unlike the other emotional spectrums where users can control the power, the Invisible Spectrum controls its “wielders.” It explains why John Stewart went rogue last issue and attacked his Justice League teammates.

However, there’s much more to this new villain, Umbrax.

Stewart describes its powers:

“Umbrax moves unseen through space, drawn toward planets where self-destructive forces are strongest. Usually primitive outliers. It surrounds these places, animating them with its energy, and then pulls them into its galaxy. There’s not stopping it once it’s locked onto a planet.”

As to which planet this sentient black sun has sought as its first victim. I’m sure you can guess. It’s Earth. But it didn’t only target Earth, it’s already made Earth part of its ranks! Earth has joined the Invisible Spectrum!

How in the world are the Justice League going to be able to defeat such a powerful foe?

Well, Cyborg was able to remove the Invisible Spectrum’s influence from John Stewart. He explains how:

“I used irradiated ozone to cosmically sunblock you out of your trance. But the energy is getting stronger.”

There might be some hope to break Earth free of the Invisible Spectrum if they are able to cosmically sunblock the entire planet. How they are going to do that, we are going to have to find out in subsequent issues of Justice League!

This is probably the best comic book on the shelf right now. It has a ton of stuff happening with multiple subplots with all of the Justice League characters. There’s big mysteries and small mysteries. There’s investigations and discoveries. There’s high flying action and combat as well as emotional drama. Not to mention the artwork is fantastic. If you aren’t reading Justice League, you are missing out!