John Layman Attacks and Insults Trump Supporters While Promoting His New Book

John Layman

Comic Book writer John Layman, who wrote Chew with Rob Guillory as well as doing a number of Marvel Comics including Gambit and Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness. He also had a significant run on Detective Comics as well as collaborated on Batman Eternal with DC Comics. recently was promoting his upcoming Image Comics book Leviathan where he decided to viciously insult President Donald Trump supporters.

Layman spoke to Adventures in Poor Taste about a scene involving President Trump in the book, where he went out of his way to insult Trump supporters:

“Well, it’s not overtly political, but if a monster attacked a city in the U.S., the president would certainly have to deal with it, so we’re kinda obligated to include the president, whoever the president is. I don’t intend to get too political in the book, because I don’t want to insult any racist, brain-dead, knuckle-dragging, lead-paint-drinking, Trump-supporting mongoloids who may want to read this book.”

However, Layman’s collaborator on the project Nick Pitarra had a different view:

“I don’t believe that voting for your party’s candidate means you hold the worst parts of said candidate’s character as high-water marks of your own. I believe that thinking is a byproduct of the limitations of the two-party system. I added in a ton of jokes in the art on that Trump page you mentioned (the clock where he’s holding a cat, his own memorabilia decorating his room, the big sexy painting) — my hope is that they read positive for each reader’s own personal opinions, if you hate Trump then we’re making fun, if you love him then you have a cool over the top version of him running around in our comic.”

John Layman would double down on Twitter in sarcastic fashion:

Ironically, Layman would face criticism from Kieran Shiach and others who took offense at Layman’s use of the word “mongoloids.” He was even called ableist.

Layman joins a growing list of comic book creators who have decided to attack supporters of President Donald Trump and potential customers which include Chuck Wendig, Rob Sheridan, and Zoe Quinn.

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