Get Ready to Rumble

Goku and Vegeta just couldn’t go quietly into that good night. Fans were incredibly disappointed when Toei Animation announced the end of Dragon Ball Super. The series was a brand new extension of the franchise. It altered the Dragon Ball GT story and introduced new elements into the series.

After the show was over, the animated studio announced that Dragon Ball Super will continue in film. Now, Toei Animation have officially announced Dragon Ball Super: Broly. 

Toei tweeted this announcement, which features a Japanese release date of December 14th. As always, it will eventually be available for American audiences in a different format. Though a theatrical release isn’t out of the question considering Toei’s previous announcement about the re-release of the previous Dragon Ball films.

A Theater Near You…?

That’s right. Starting in mid-September, fans around the United States will get the chance to see a Dragon Ball Z film in theaters! With Miyazaki films getting played every Summer, this is truly a great time for Anime fans across the globe. Goku and Vegeta’s is one of the most important relationships in animation with a dichotomy of power, bloodline, and morality. This new film looks to up the ante of the Dragon Ball Super story by officially introducing Broly into the Dragon Ball canon.

The only disappointing part of this news could be that Japanese release date. While North American audiences are usually treated to most cinematic experiences, a lot of Japanese animation doesn’t make it across the ocean. Only major features like Your Name or Studio Ghibli releases. However, there’s bound to be a HUGE demand for a Dragon Ball Super release in the United States. While it might not be in December, fans will wait to catch the film on the big screen.

But how exactly is that going to happen?

Well, fans will have to show up to these releases. Toei is testing the waters to see whether or not the North American market could really support a nationwide release for a Dragon Ball Super movie. Considering the massive success the new series is currently having on Cartoon Network, the fans should easily be able to help Akira Toriyama’s latest entry into his Dragon Ball story become another huge success.

Will you see Dragon Ball Super: Broly if it comes to theaters?