Super Saiyan to the Next Level

Akira Toriyama seems to always be outdoing himself. Jokes about the constant power level shifts in the Dragon Ball series are just about the oldest jokes in the internet’s history. Now, it looks like Toriyama and Toei Animation are truly looking to make their previous iterations look like child’s play. While Dragon Ball Super just ended in March, the first film will debut in Japan this December. They announced the project with this brief teaser trailer just 3 months ago.

For a while, fans speculated on the identity of the mysterious Saiyan. A massive body-builder with muscles unlike anything in Dragon Ball, outside of Hercule/Mr. Satan and Broly. As the character features notable elements of the Saiyan armor, all signs pointed to Broly.

However, the traditional Broly never featured the traditional Saiyan armor. Fans will remember that when he first appeared the massive behemoth wore robes adorned with gold.

Broly in "Dragon Ball Z" - Toei Animation

Elegant yet sophisticated. Exactly what you want in your ancient villains from a long-dead race of powerful superbeings. But Akira Toriyama is creating a new design for Broly in the new film.

Knight in Glowing Armor

What once was a mysterious villain in Dragon Ball Super was recently confirmed as Broly, the villain created by Dragon Ball Super creator Akira Toriyama in 1993. Broly has been the subject of three films so far. Dragon Ball Z: Broly, Broly: Second Coming and Bio-Broly. This is the best look released so far.

Broly in "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" - Toei Animation\

Just a brief glimpse, but one that alters the character’s previous design significantly. Adding the familiar Saiyan armor that has appeared numerous times throughout the series. In fact, with this design Broly looks much more like the original Saiyan princes audiences have seen in the past.

First depicted here on Raditz, who was revealed to be Goku’s brother.

Raditz in "Dragon Ball Z" - Toei Animation

The Raditz Saga debuted in the Manga in 1988 and the Anime in 1989. A full four years before Broly would hit the scene. However, one minor detail already stands out. The shoulder pauldron on Broly’s armor is more rounded than Raditz’s, but still obviously features the same textures and basic design. Outside of it being gloriously green.

To think that Broly, who can still feel like a recent addition to the Dragon Ball story, is almost 30 years old. As the Raditz Saga hits its 30th anniversary, fans will be greeted with a brand new film in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Hopefully, this new film can live up to this ridiculous level of hype and it will build enough momentum to get a North American theatrical release.

What do you think of the new Broly design? Let us know!