To the Next Level

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is officially getting a theatrical release in the United States! Toei Animation is clearly passionate about their new film. The continuation of the Dragon Ball Super series is going to up the ante for their first film. Bringing the massive Broly out of retirement to give our favorite Saiyans a much-needed fight. It looks like Goku will be wielding all of his powers to stop Broly, an old and new foe. This Broly doesn’t quite resemble the one first created in 1993. Now, the full design for Broly’s regular state has been revealed!

Check out these leaked toy images, detailing the new design!

A few more angles.

And a MUCH closer look at the Broly cardboard cut-out.

It’s important to note that Broly has multiple designs. The original above is a non-Super Saiyan. Wearing the traditional Saiyan armor is new for Broly, but it looks insanely awesome in that blue, green, and purple. The level of details on those figures is out-of-this-world. Especially in regards to the fur on Broly’s back. That looks downright incredible.

The Super Saiyan Broly design is surprisingly similar to that of his original animated self. The red cloak, wrapped around his waist like a 12-year-old does with a hoodie in Middle School, is now a green fur-thing. It’s possible that Dragon Ball Super: Broly could explain why Broly has decided to finally wear his armor.

As for Goku and Vegeta, they’re looking better than ever. Although Goku’s over-shirt has unsurprisingly been ripped off. As is typical, Vegeta is wearing the more stripped-down form of his Saiyan armor. It’s been awhile since he wore the battle-dress and shoulder pauldrons.

The animation and style of the film just keeps getting better. What do you think of the new Broly?