Aquaman director James Wan teased an epic first look at the upcoming Aquaman trailer which is expected to drop at San Diego Comic-Con later this week. Wan teased the trailer on Twitter by posting a photo of his team hard at work pulling some overtime hours in order to get the final touches on the trailer polished.

The image shows either Aquaman, Ocean Master, or even potentially their father Atlan commanding the oceans and the wildlife that inhabits it. You can see what appear to be at least two humpback whales jumping out of the ocean as the character raises his hands and his trident high in the sky.

And if you look closely at the trident, you will notice that it only has three prongs and is not the same weapon Aquaman wielded in Justice League. In that film he wielded a quindent. A similar spear-type weapon that has five prongs instead of the tridents three.

While doing press for Justice League last year, Jason Momoa specifically referenced the trident would play a clear role in the film.

Momoa explains, “I didn’t call it a trident. Well, it’s a quindent, but we don’t call it that in the movie, and when you watch ‘Aquaman,’ you’re gonna see him go for the trident, so everyone’s gotta stay tuned for a hot minute.”

He explains there are two different spears and the one he receives in Justice League is not the trident:

“Well, yeah, he’s not the king yet. He looks to Mera and he’s like, ‘I need to borrow something, I need you to do me a favor,’ so that’s what he gets, when she gives him the equipment.”

What’s also interesting about this image is that it is extremely similar to a panel straight out of Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, and Scott Williams’ Justice League #4 from the New 52 days.

Aquaman will hit theaters on December 21, 2018. Are you excited to see Aquaman’s trident come into play?

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