DC Universe released their first trailer for their live-action Titans trailer and it showcases an absolutely brutal Dick Grayson as Robin as he blows away a number of thugs. But maybe the most shocking part of the trailer is when he says, “F*** Batman.”

Take a look:

The trailer starts off with Rachel Roth a.k.a Raven seeking out Dick Grayson at an abandoned Big Top. It then transitions to them meeting in another location possibly at Grayson’s daytime job. It appears he’s some kind of reporter, private investigator, or possibly detective given the pencil and notepad in his hand as he sits across the table from Raven.

We get clips of Dick’s parents dying and how it still haunts him. But he’s channeling that anger into Robin and absolutely brutalizes a number of thugs, who think he is Batman. He grabs one of their guns and just unloads on them. Even when they appear to be down and out, he finishes them. He even stomps his boot one of their faces. At the end of the clip, he tells the dead bodies, “F*** Batman.”

We then get a number of clips of the rest of Titans. We get to see Raven’s darkness take control over her. There’s a shot of Beast Boy leaping into the air and Starfire using her powers. She’s still in the ugly purple dress outfit, but they’ve added a red glow to her.

There’s another clip of Robin, this time with his staff as he whacks a bad guy. We then see Dove slicing people up with her wings. We get a glimpse of Hawk. There’s more clips in succession showing each of the Titans, and Raven even tells us she enjoys the darkness when it overtakes her at times.

The clip comes to a close with Raven letting out a piercing scream as glass breaks.

I’m still not digging the Starfire and Beast Boy designs, but everything else about this trailer is exactly what I’m looking for in DC Universe show. It’s adult, mature themed content with a dark side. This is the DC Universe and I’m glad they are embracing it. I’m sick of a number of critics whining that DC needs to be more like Marvel or that we need more light, and airy entertainment. The Marvel Netflix shows are proof that mature, adult content is successful. You can even look at the success of Breaking Bad.

I’m sure some folks will be upset about how brutal Dick Grayson as Robin is, but this is the apprentice of Batman. Batman isn’t your typical vigilante. He’s not afraid to push it to the limit. And he’s not afraid to kill despite the ongoing myth that he has some kind of rule that he doesn’t kill. Some of the most iconic Batman stories like Dark Knight Returns and The Killing Joke show Batman killing.

I’m excited for Titans. Will you be tuning into DC Universe to check it out?

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