Young Justice Outsiders Trailer Drops at San Diego Comic-Con With Focus on Darkseid

Young Justice Outsiders

Young Justice is back in a brand new animated series Young Justice: Outsiders, which will debut on DC Comics’ streaming service DC Universe. The show just had their panel at San Diego Comic-Con and released an epic trailer reintroducing the team and putting a focus on one of DC’s biggest villains, Darkseid.


The trailer lays out what happened previously with Artemis faking her death at the hands of Aqualad, who had been on a deep cover mission infiltrating Black Manta’s forces. It also recaps how the team deals with villainous Reach, and even the disappearance of Wally West. It then shows a deal between Darkseid and the immortal DC Villain known as Vandal Savage.

At the end of Young Justice, the team had helped the Justice League stop the Reach’s alien invasion and were asked to join the Justice League by Batman, Superman, and the rest of the League.

At about the 3 minute mark we start seeing new footage.

You can check out that separately here:

The team will be reunited by Nightwing. His first recruits will be Superboy, Aqualad, and Artemis as they attempt to put a stop to metahuman trafficking and a galactic arms race involved in controlling metahumans. Nightwing makes it abundantly clear in the trailer, “There’s a metahuman trafficking syndicate in Markovia that we can shut down with your help. When it’s all over, we go our separate ways. No muss, no fuss.”

The trailer shows off a brand new character for the show, Brion, the Prince of Markovia who has the metahuman and teases that his sister also has the gene. It appears she has been kidnapped and could be the main driving force of the beginning of the show as they try and rescue Brion’s sister.

Along with the new trailer there was ton of artwork released as well as new details. One attendee explains that the show will have 26 episodes. It features a 3 year time jump, and it will return to its espionage roots. Along with Brion being introduced, the show will also introduce a new hero named Thirteen, who is a mystic being trained by Zatanna. Forager will also join the team as comedic relief. And if you spotted him in the trailer, it looks like Orion will be involved as well. Also Lex Luthor will be a UN Secretary.

Another showed off the program for the panel which confirms those details:

They also showed off a new Nightwing design:

Darkseid and Vandal Savage look like they will be the primary villain as they feature prominently on the new promotional artwork.

Young Justice: Outsiders looks like it might be the best bet for DC Universe for many fans!

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