DC Films and Warner Bros. are taking over Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con and they’ve just released their first Aquaman trailer on the heels of their first Shazam! trailer.

Take a look at the first Aquaman trailer below:

The trailer has a very epic feel to it, it’s almost has more of a feel of a Lord of the Rings fantasy film over a superhero film. It’s got a quest to find a trident, a rivalry between brothers vying for the throne, the potential of a massive war between the surface world and those that live beneath the oceans.

Switch up the trident for destroying ring and replace Aquaman with a ranger who is reluctant to reclaim the throne and it’s got some of the basic beats for a great fantasy story.

While, it has a number of fantastic elements, they didn’t really wow me. The only part of the trailer that really jumped out at me was towards the end when Black Manta makes his ferocious appearance and shows off the power of his suit as he blasts two beams of energy from his helmet.

I was also impressed when it looked like war had come and Ocean Master Orm was leading his forces on top of some kind of ancient alligator creature that just chomps some kind of crustacean looking creature in half.

Maybe my biggest annoyance of the film was the wig Amber Heard was using. It didn’t look natural at all, and became an eyesore knowing how fake it looked.

What were your favorite parts of the trailer? What did you think about it? Did it get you excited to see Aquaman?

Aquaman comes to theaters on December 21, 2018.