Black [AF] Writer Implies Non-White ComicsGate Supporters are Uncle Toms!

Kwanza Osajyefo

According to a number of folks, especially those on the left side of the political spectrum here in the United States, racism never died, it only evolved. I wish that I could say that they’re lying and are in fact only using it as a political cudgel. But believe it or not, it’s the truth. The problem is, it’s not coming from where they think its coming from.

In a tweet, this morning Black [AF] writer Kwanza Osajyefo took on non-white ComicsGate supporters, and in essence, called them Uncle Toms. In his thread, he highlighted where he believes racism is truly residing in our society.

Thankfully many users saw through this disgusting remark for what it is.

Diversity & Comics weighed in and described Kwanza’s tweet as “Ugliness of Spirit.”

Thanks to that spotlight on Kwanza’s tweet. Minority ComicsGate supporters also decided to take to Twitter in order to call out Kwanza’s disgusting and ignorant tweet for what it was:

We reached out to ComicsGate supporter Spike Valentine. he also happens to be a New York Times Bestselling comics writer and scriptwriter. And he created the Spider-Man character, Aracnido Jr. Here’s his take on Kwanza’s accusations:

Racist people act in a couple of ways; they treat different people like pests or their pets. Kwanzer, Antos, Busiek… ideologues are quick to pretend they speak on behalf of gay/trans folks, “people of color,” and women to pander to their own narcissist messiah complex and put down their “enemies.”

But the second they are confronted by the global diversity of people supporting they will not address it and try to imply you are fake or brainwashed. Proving they see diversity as both pets and pests. Proving everyone what real racism looks like.

We are not a “people of color” monolith, we are not damn Power Rangers, we are an amorphous mass of individuals, just like the comics consumers. We only speak on our own personal behalf and these people should too.

Timothy Lim. the creator of Thump, My Hero Magademia, and Trump’s Space Force also responded to Kwanza’s accusations in the form of a photo.

Timothy Lim

This isn’t an isolated instance outside the comic book world. There have been cases of non-white conservative, libertarian, and even centrists being labeled Uncle Toms simply for not sharing a twisted form of group think. One of the greatest examples is Larry Elder who is an unashamed Republican. He has been called Uncle Tom or worse many times simply for thinking outside of how certain people think he should think.

Elder isn’t alone in experiencing this. Great thinkers such as economists Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams have also felt these attacks for not kissing the ring of conformity. I myself have experienced this form of racism, professionally, as a former communications director for a gun rights group. I experienced first hand both white and non-white lawmakers call me and my colleagues Uncle Toms for not bowing to their ideology.

So what do you think? Did Kwanza Osajyefo go too far in his broad painting of minority ComicsGate supporters? And are you disturbed by this trend of racism from a number of comic book pros?

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