Chris Hemsworth took to Twitter to update fans on his workout routine for the upcoming Men In Black movie. The  34 second video set to some music shows him hard at work. He primarily uses pads to work on some basic boxing combinations. You can see him use a series of jabs to uppercuts and crosses. Chris Hemsworth looks like he’s ready to defend the Earth from the scum of the Universe.

Take a look at the Tweet below:


Hemsworth’s personal trainer is Luke Zocchi, and it looks like he’s whipping him into shape to get ready to face the countless number of alien threats the Men In Black face on a daily basis.

Watching the video I’m impressed by the skills put on display. As a long time martial artist it’s wonderful to see Hemsworth work in his angles, punches, and kicks in the short clip. Most impressive from my point of view was the execution of a simple front kick. Believe it or not most experienced fighters get this technique wrong at least half of the time.

But Hemsworth does an excellent job of kicking by maintaining the proper stance, as well as keeping his center of gravity on point. Also, but just as important was how he pivoted his standing leg (left) at an angle in order to open up his hips the right way in the kick. If you do not do this, you risk putting undue pressure on your knees and hips.

Other techniques seen in the video also include clinched knees which also look good as his feet seem to be pointed down. Again a very easy mistake commonly made is to not point them down. He also shows off some light shadow boxing.

This video was great to see and it seems that Chris Hemsworth is really taking his training seriously. He’s having fun and getting into some real fighting shape.

So what do you think? Are you impressed by Thor’s fighting skills in the field? Tell us in the comments below!

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