The Ferryman, which just wrapped up its IndieGoGo fundraiser, has split ways with letterer Taylor Esposito after a personal attack against Jon Del Arroz was uncovered in the pages of Dynamite Comics’ Centipede #4.

The Ferryman writer Sean Campbell gave us a statement confirming Esposito would no longer be participating in future issues of The Ferryman #1.

“Taylor’s recent behavior is very disappointing and he does not act or speak on behalf of anyone who worked on The Ferryman. He was hired well over a year ago to letter the first issue, he was paid his fee, and he is credited in the book.

He was not involved in the crowdfunding campaign in any way and will not be invited to return for the second issue.”

Esposito claimed he didn’t pen the personal attack against Jon Del Arroz. Instead, he blamed an intern.

“When I letter, I typically copy and paste text from a script. When I have an intern, I have them place the text for me to save time. Apparently at the end of 2017, an intern took it upon themselves to insert a message in an alien language we used.”

Esposito does have a track record of targeting fellow comic book professionals. He cheered on B. Clay Moore after he threatened to harass Diversity & Comics at a comic book convention last year.

Esposito would write, “I’d love to yell “one punch” after you level him.”

Dynamite Comics discovered the attack and quickly adjusted the “alien” text for their Trade Paperback version of Centipede. We can confirm the personal attack against Jon Del Arroz no longer appears in that version of the comic book.

Do you think Sean Campbell made the right decision in splitting ways with Taylor Esposito?