Venom co-creator Todd McFarlane recently shared a video about how he would design Venom based on a still image from the upcoming film starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock.

He was excited for the film, and praised the creative direction of the filmmakers in designing Venom. Then McFarlane took a digital pen to edit the still frame, showing how he would have designed the symbiote.

I was waiting for him to edit in the symbiote symbol to the chest. Or add some small connection to Spider-Man to make the character more connected to his comic book history. However, he only made small changes to the mouth and eyes.

Yes, the Venom we are seeing is the most comic book accurate depiction of the character in terms of visuals. There hasn’t been an outcry by the fan community about the visual accuracy to the comics, but they want the OG Venom, connected with Spider-Man as the original host.

However, to set that up, it would mean an older Peter Parker who works for the Daily Bugle. Yet for artistic license, its understandable that the newspaper industry would have to be revamped for 2018. It’s quite possible that this iteration of Peter Parker would rethink getting involved in the newspaper business given the current trend of journalism.

McFarlane’s minor changes seem to reflect the sentiment of the fans, that this is a highly accurate to the comics Venom. What we want McFarlane to talk about is the story of the symbiote, and to comment on how the film deviates from the character he co-created with David Michelinie. This may be Sony trying to keep the Venom character as far away from the MCU as possible, or it could be part of the contract Sony made with Marvel. Who knows, we might even see Spider-Man show up in Vemon and all of our fears could be laid to rest. But given we’ve seen three trailers so far, it’s highly unlikely.

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