Artist Graham Nolan’s contributions to comic books are astounding. He dominated Batman-related titles in the 1990s with iconic stories featuring both Azrael and Batman. He also co-created Bane with writer Chuck Dixon in 1992. But he also was independently publishing his own comic strips with [easyazon_link identifier=”1478221801″ locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Monster Island[/easyazon_link] and most notably The Phantom, and most recently he created the hilarious Sunshine State comic strip. Nolan even launched a KickStarter recently for a collected edition of Monster Island and he teased a sequel series is in the works!

Graham Nolan has created his fair share of comic book covers. We wanted to know what his favorite comic book covers that he’s made were. Not only did Graham let us know which covers are his favorite, but he also let us know why they are his favorite.


1. Joe Frankenstein #4

Joe Frankenstein #4

“I love the bold imagery and German expressionist feel of this cover.”

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2. Joe Frankenstein #2

Joe Frankenstein #2

“I went for a more graphic design look for this cover using only two tones. I think it’s quite effective.”

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3. Bane Conquest #12

Bane Conquest #12

“When I design a cover the first thing I think of is how it will stand out from the other comics around it in the shop. This bold image perfectly ends Chuck’s and my 12 issue run.”

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4. Detective Comics #711

Detective Comics #711

“This is my favorite cover of my entire run on ‘Tec. It encapsulates my vision of The Batman.”

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5. Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #37

Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #37

“In case you didn’t know, I LOVE the Fantastic Four! In my long career I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to draw them, so when this cover was offered I wanted to distill my feelings for these beloved characters into a single image. This is it.”

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6. Detective Comics #705

Detective Comics #705

“A cool design involving the Riddler and the Puzzler. And I love Batman in complete shadow on the bottom looking up at the reader.”

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7. Aquaman #33

Aquaman #33

“One of the first comics featuring Batman I came across as a kid was an issue of Brave and the Bold teaming him up with Aquaman. I grew up on the ocean and always loved Aquaman and the Sub-Mariner.”

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