DC Comics writer Gail Simone, who is penning the Plastic Man miniseries, apologized to the trans community for a scene in Plastic Man #3. She also promised she plans to work with DC Comics to address the criticism and update the trade paperback edition.

She took to Twitter to issue the apology.

Gail Simone

And here’s the image in question that provoked the criticism and the apology from Simone:

Plastic Man #3

And the ensuing conversation with Man-Bat:

Plastic Man #3

Plastic Man #3

A number of fans believed the apology was completely unnecessary.

There were a few people who did appreciate the apology and are looking forward to the correction.

However one person was still extremely unhappy about the apology.

Natalie Reed

What do you think? Should Gail Simone have apologized? Do you appreciate her apology?