Brightest Day, Blackest Night

No villains have yet faced Green Lantern‘s might. Because other than a brief death scene in Justice League, there have been no Green Lanterns in the Extended Universe. However, that might not always have been the plan. Charles Roven is one of DC’s longest-working producers. He’s been with the company since Batman Begins and has been an important part of this new Universe.

Unfortunately, thanks to the failure of DC’s ensemble blockbuster, he no longer has the clout he once had. Ideas and plans were possibly thrown by the wayside, obviously being replaced with whatever Walter Hamada has planned.

Well, it turns out one idea that Charles Roven had was possibly casting an A-list actor in the role of Hal Jordan. Despite the fact that names like Jake Gyllenhaal and and Chris Pine have been attached to the part, this name in particular comes a bit out of left field.

Just who did Charles Roven have in mind to play Hal Jordan? Why Mark Wahlberg, of course!

About a month ago, Wahlberg posted an image to Instagram. One that happened to contain a few-too-many clues.

In case you didn’t realize, that’s several DCEU actors posted alongside that wall. Not to mention, the somewhat superheroic pose that Wahlberg is going for. However, it’s important to note a few things. Ben Affleck is still supposedly Batman, should this image be taken seriously. But more importantly, Wahlberg is a producer himself. He either chose this photo to do some minor revealing, or chose it because of its innocence and his funnily-awesome pose. The safe bet is it’s the latter.

mark wahlberg green lantern

Not in the Cards

According to Mario Robles, a Mark Wahlberg-Green Lantern was possible, but has now gone by the wayside.

Marky Mark definitely resembles the character physically, in that he’s a white male with auburn hair. But other than that, he doesn’t quite have the charm, wit, and heroism of Hal. Not that the actor wouldn’t make a great superhero. He just doesn’t scream Hal Jordan.

It’s also weird to say that Wahlberg was Charles Roven’s choice and not Zack Snyder’s. Snyder was clearly the de facto leader of this Universe before the Justice League fallout. He’s the reason for Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, after all. It would have been interesting to see if Wahlberg was also Snyder’s pick, or if he was just another A-lister who they considered for the seventh member of the Justice League. 

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