The World Science Fiction Convention – or WorldCon – will be held this weekend in San Jose. But already Social Justice Warriors are resorting to a McCarthy-style approach towards anyone they wish to label as a “Nazi.”

In a Tweet from yesterday, the author of Gate Crashers, Patrick S. Tomlinson, threatened anyone who he felt was going to “disrupt” WorldCon. What does he plan to do? To put it simply, he says he’s going to label people and put them on blast online:

But one has to ask, how would Patrick S. Tomlinson know who was a Nazi? I mean that label, rightfully, is a social weight that could ruin someone’s personal and professional life. So, of course, you have to be careful who you would claim was one, right?

It didn’t take long for people to question both his motives and means of identifying potential Nazis. The real question is, who could be considered something as vile as a Nazi? But instead of clarification, the Sci-Fi author just decided that everyone who didn’t agree was an “incel.”

It didn’t take much longer for someone to step up and inform him his inflammatory and dangerous commentary was going to be followed by silence:

Instead of taking what the user said, Patrick took a play right out of the SJW handbook and simply blocked the user for pointing out the obvious:

Diversity & Comics‘ Richard Myer also pointed to how childish Patrick was behaving on Twitter. He rightfully pointed out that this isn’t how normal adults behave, you don’t just assume someone is something without any sort of evidence.

Instead of addressing that point with a fair retort, Patrick chose to instead to claim that Myer wasn’t part of the 99% of adults in the following Tweet. Which is a nice way of saying he pulled the classic Kindergarten move of “No I’m not, you are!”

Another user then pointed out Patrick’s own history if hypocrisy on the subject of race when he went after Jon Del Arroz for being a Trump supporter:

Which was followed by his attempt to absolve himself of his own actions by blaming the victim.

Victim blaming, McCarthyism, and echo chambers have all become part of the general toolkit of the radical left. Both within the mediums of Entertainment as well as outside of it. As WorldCon opens this weekend, we can only hope that the radical push for violence and making false claims doesn’t give us another GenCon where we saw Youtuber The Quartering physically assaulted for the crime of WrongThink.

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