Putting the Pedal to the Metal!

Brendan Fraser has had a difficult career. After an infamous fall from Hollywood grace, the actor is now moving forward by building a formidable career once again. He can be currently seen on the show Trust on FX which is a new interpretation of the John Paul Getty story. What’s the best way to follow-up a dramatic interpretation of a real-story? Why, with a superhero role! Brendan Fraser is officially joining the DC Universe.

Deadline reports that Brendan Fraser has been cast as one of the lead characters in DC Universe’s upcoming series Doom Patrol. He’ll be playing Cliff Steele, a former race car driver who becomes the hero known as “Robotman.”

Fraser will be sharing the role with Riley Shanahan. Brendan Fraser will provide the voice for Cliff and play the part in flashbacks, while Shanahan plays the character in full-body costume. The series was written by Jeremy Carver.

Robotman is joined by the likes of Negative Man, Elasti Woman, and Crazy Jane. Aprily Bowlby will play Elasti Girl while Diane Guerrero has been cast as Crazy Jane. The heroes will be called to action by none other than Cyborg, played by the recently announced Joivan Wade.

Cast of Misfits

Apparently, Cyborg is going to gather the team to deal with a threat for the “digital age.” While a few of the DC Universe shows have been off to a rocky start, this series could be the best of them all. The Doom Patrol is a unique superhero team over at DC. Their initial creation in the early 1960s was to create superheroes with personal problems. Making sympathetic heroes isn’t always easy. In case you didn’t realize, two out of the three heroes in DC’s Trinity are basically gods. The other is just one of the smartest and richest people on the planet.

Doom Patrol Team - DC Comics

Enter the Doom Patrol. A merry band of misfits all suffering from a problem. In this new series, each character has suffered a terrible accident from which they’ll have to recover. In one particular case, after a terrible Indianapolis 500 Race accident Cliff Steele is in dire condition… So dire that Caulder places his brain into the body of a robot. A simple origin that creates the most famous character in the Doom Patrol – Robotman. Brendan Fraser is a great actor to bring the lovable lug to life. Hopefully, the rest of the cast is just as talented.

While it’s unclear if the show is going to follow the same story, it’s probably going to be a mix of new and old. DC veterans Geoff Johns and Greg Berlanti are executive producers on the show. Doom Patrol will premiere on DC Universe sometime in 2019.