Yesterday we covered how a simple joke reply by the Twitter account for Cyberpunk 2077 snowballed. The account for the game attempted to walk back from the Tweet with an apology, telling fans that there was no malice behind the intent of their joke. But as all things related to an unruly mob, it wasn’t enough.

Now it seems that certain activists are setting their sights upon the actual employee who originally Tweeted the reply – all in an attempt to get them fired from their job. Former World of Warcraft vanilla Team-Director Mark Kern had an interesting take on the situation.

Not only did he document this mob’s attempt at ruining a person’s life, he also spoke up about how these same mobs have these sorts of tactics down pat.

We’ve seen this as early as 2014, when former Firefox CEO Brendan Eich was forced to step down because knowledge of a small donation ($1,000 in total) for a traditional marriage cause was made available by OK Cupid. Back then the internet mob was still working out the kinks in their outrage machine, but it was good enough to bring down the creator of Javascript.

Now we see this four years later, being done over and over again, and Cyberpunk 2077 is just the latest victim to see the business end of the mobs’ pitchforks.

Mark Kern’s thread is worth the full read and its clickable on this article. But he wasn’t the only person who took notice. The Quartering also made a video talking about the controversy, and attempts by certain elements online to harass an employee of a company.

You can see the video below:

So what is going to happen to that employee? So far the devs have stayed quiet on the subject publicly, instead focusing on their work at Gamescom this week. The brand is publishing new screenshots of the game that have thousands of likes and retweets.

And from what can be seen in the comments section of their latest posts, it seems fans are more concerned about the outlook of the product than an offense that few even noticed.

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