On Thursday, August 23rd, Spider-Gwen (Marvel) and Goddess Mode (DC’s Vertigo) creator Robbi Rodriguez tweeted a set of two graphic images depicting close-ups of an uncensored male anus to prominent ComicsGate figure Ethan Van Sciver.

The bizarre tweets were unprompted, as there had been no recent interactions between the two creators. The tweets were quickly deleted, but not before users were able to grab screenshots of the offending tweets.

Following the deletion of these tweets, Rodriguez deleted every Tweet on his account (though Twitter’s official site lists the account as having 6 Tweets, nothing loads when his page is accessed). He also amended the Twitter account’s bio to read “this is also parody account.”

However, this is an attempt to save face, as internet archives prove that the parody descriptor was only added to the 10 year old Twitter account’s bio after the deletion of the questionable tweets.

Rodriguez’s tweets may have been spurred by his opposition to the ComicsGate movement. The recent movement has caused a bitter divide within the world of comic book fans and comic book professionals, with many fans and professionals declaring their staunch opposition to the movement and attacking people who claim to support it. Ethan Van Sciver was most likely the recipient of these tweets due to his very public support of ComicsGate.

As of this article, neither Marvel nor DC have issued a comment or statement regarding the Tweets. While most discourse and argument that has taken place between ComicsGate and its opponents has been mostly relegated to internet forums and verbal exchanges, Rodriguez’s Tweets introduce a new element of disgust and unprofessionalism.

Rodriguez also proves that harassment in the debate is not one sided, as it is so often claimed, but is carried out by nasty individuals on both sides of the aisle.

Just as the actions of one man do not represent those of ComicsGate, the actions of one man do not represent an entire movement or company. Rodriguez’s actions were his choice alone, but the industry wide silence on this harassment is telling, with fans uncertain whether the industry condemns or promotes such behavior.

However, one thing is for certain: Robbi Rodriguez has made an ass of himself.

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